Westminster Parliamentary System

Power exerted by 'special interest groups'

is the root of the dysfunction of western democracies;

it creates an adversarial environment

of 'us' against 'them.'

It is 'divide and conquer' by the elite

who have no 'special interest'

other than remaining

at the top.

A democratic system of governance

requires a broad base of popular support

- reducing the influence,

of special interest groups

while greatly increasing

the influence of citizens.

Our Westminster parliamentary system of governance

- headed by a monarch -

places all power in the Privy Council

- composed of government ministers

and representatives of the monarch.

Canada is not a democracy

under the Westminster parliamentary system

when 28% of the voters control the government.

A 'no party system' of governance

based on collaboration and cooperation

is practiced in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Protest votes

What we want

No Party system of governance

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